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Androgen Diet Calculator

When Androgen Diet approached me, I was excited to take on the challenge of creating a web app that would not only meet their needs but also provide value to their users. They had an existing color scheme that they wanted me to work with, which added a bit of a creative constraint to the project.


My main objective was to create a meal diet calculator that would help users plan their meals effectively. But Androgen Diet also wanted the app to include a variety of other features that would enhance the user experience. These included supplement reminders, which would notify users when it was time to take their supplements, health statistics that would allow users to track their progress over time, and shopping list recommendations to make grocery shopping easier.


Off course Androgen Diet Calculator was fully optimized for mobile!


I also had to develop a feature for entire recipes, which allowed users to find healthy recipes that would fit their dietary needs. This was a crucial component of the app as it provided users with the necessary resources to maintain their diet goals. Overall, it was an exciting project to work on, and I was thrilled to see how the app turned out. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase my creativity and technical skills while also helping Androgen Diet to provide a valuable resource for their users.


Web Application


UI / UX Design